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Several Missing Teeth

Chewing, appearance and confidence can all be improved by replacing missing teeth. Often, when ‘back’ (molar) teeth are missing, patients ‘make-do’.

Although missing molar teeth are not as obvious as missing front teeth, it is very important that they are replaced. These are the multi-rooted teeth which do the ‘heavy work’ of crunching up food and if they are missing, some of that function is transferred to single-rooted teeth at the front of your mouth which are simply not designed to cope with this task.

A removable prosthesis, such as a partial denture, actually accelerates the bone shrinking process, resulting in more rapid bone deterioration. In addition, the clasps which hold the partial denture damage the natural teeth they hook onto, loosening them and in many cases, eventually leading to the loss of those teeth. Most patients with partial dentures state that they are uncomfortable and that they rarely wear them.

Dental implants can replace missing teeth and look and function like your own natural teeth. Implants actually stimulate the bone to become stronger and distribute the biting forces evenly through the jaw bone.

Missing Several Teeth Step 1

Missing Several Teeth

Some people loose teeth in the back of the mouth. This is may be caused by gum infection (periodontitis) or by teeth cracking due to previous fillings or due to abscesses caused by tooth decay.

Missing One Several Teeth Step 2

Step 2

Between two or more dental implants are installed for a dental implant bridge. This solution does not affect your own teeth. The bridge will function for many years, regardless of the condition of your existing teeth.

Missing Several Teeth Step 3

Step 3

The abutment is attached to the dental implant. A crown is then placed on the abutment, fitting perfectly at the edge of the gum.

Several Missing Teeth Step 4

Step 4

The dental implant bridge is now in place and can withstand the strong chewing forces that occur in the back of the mouth. It feels and functions like natural teeth.