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Let the most important people tell you why they chose York Dental Implant Centre for their dental treatment


In this video Terry explains that he lost his front teeth in a sporting accident while he was very young. Terry tells us how this has really affected his confidence growing up and how wearing a plate made him feel awful. Terry's implants have only just been finished, and Terry is absolutely delighted with the finished product. He can eat normal food again, smile with complete confidence. It's the best thing he's ever done!


York Dental Implant Centre

People have many different reasons for choosing their dentist, it might be a recommendation of a friend, it could be that they've always visited the same dentist. At York Dental Implant Centre we think the best people to tell you why they chose us are our patients themselves.


People chose York Dental Implant Centre for many different reasons...

In this video Lorna tells us why she chose Robert and the team at York Dental Implant Centre for her treatment. Lorna explains that after her daughter had veneers, she wanted to do the same. They have changed her life!

She is now super confident, she smiles all the time. Contact us now to see how we can give you the smile you have always dreamed of.

York Dental Implant Centre

York Dental Implant Centre


Listen to Janet tell us why she chose York Dental Implant Centre for her dental treatment for her dental implant.


After a root treatment failed Janet was given a number of choices to treat her teeth. She chose the option of a dental implant. Janet tells us that she is a really nervous patient, and the thought of the surgery filled her with dread. She opted to have dental sedation and the procedure was simple and virtually painless.